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Classic Car Hire

The concept !

We have 2 vintage Alfas for hire: a white 1977 Giulia Nuova Super and a red 1978 Alfetta GT.

Both cars have been meticulously restored and are now ready to play the following role:

● The Alfetta is a distinctive and muscular GT, the ideal car for the bridegroom to make a dynamic appearance at the wedding ceremony.

● The 4-door Giulia is more spacious and convenient, allowing the bride to seat at the back and comfortably travel so as to meet the love of her life.

Two lovers in two vintage Alfas is a rather rare sight… Be part of the story!

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Hire a vintage car and impress your guests!


A vintage car will make an unforgettable experience!


Enjoy riding in a classic -just for the fun of it...

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Personalized Service


Chauffeur Service

Our experienced drivers will safely drive the car and wait on location as needed.


Photo & Video

We can cover your event's photographic and videographic needs -ask for a quote.


Many locations

We are based in Thessaloniki, Greece, but can also travel to selected locations so as to serve you.


Reserve now!

Send and e-mail or give us a call.

Film & TV

A classic Alfa Romeo might be the finishing touch of your film production.

Press Events

Imagine the impact of a media event featuring an all-time classic car...


The psychological meaning of vintage cars might suit your advertising objectives.

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Our rental cars are certified by FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) and authorised by the Greek National Tourism Organization.

Car Rental Registry No. (MH.T.E.) 09.33.Ε.81.00.01981.01