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BMW R25/2

Is this is a men’s world?

Definitely not!…

A moto lady with good manners driving a rare BMW R25/2 is a rather rare find nowadays… So is a solid BMW R25/2 owned by a gentle woman.
This scenario is not just wordplay, this rare combination refers to the R25/2 of this article.
I found this delicate einzylinder 1951 BMW motorbike advertised somewhere in Athens and decided to buy it immediately -love at first sight, most probably.

Although it has not been my first airhead, it captured my attention from the very first moment I saw it. Now I have put it up for sale again because this is my profession -picking up nicely used examples of yesteryear motors, taking care of them, and then reselling them.

The beauty of the R25/2 lies in the slim lines of its body and in some interesting features -like the black BLITZ battery’s naked layout, which could easily win a Red Dot design award back in the 50s. Equally attractive are the 19-inch wheels -a whole inch larger than the R26- which nicely stand out like two infinite loops, dramatically enhancing the bike’s presence thanks to their oversized round figures.
The R25 line included lighter and far more agile bikes than its successor, the BMW R26 range. For example, the R25/2 is 16kg lighter relative to the R26. Although this sounds like a small difference, in reality the R25 almost feels like a nimble modern scooter which -nevertheless- can transform into a serious long-distance contender if you decide to leave town and join a motorway.
Perhaps the lightness of the R25/2’s driving behavior would ideally suit the soft style of a moto lady rather than the maniac manners of an old-fashioned die-hard male rider. Who knows, this might have been the reason that pushed this bike’s previous lady owner to choose it for her everyday commutes.

Thanks to that really thoughtful and careful moto lady, this matching numbers BMW R25/2 still presents in very good order today -both aesthetically and mechanically. Despite that it has 71 years on its back, it starts easily and runs well. The engine’s operation has been inspected together with all other mechanicals without finding any serious flaws. A new battery has been fitted, the tires have been replaced with fresh Dunlop Gold Seal K70 retro-look tires and new tubes, the Bing carburettor has been adjusted for easy engine start and smooth operation. The bike also passed the MOT (TUV) technical inspection with no remarks – the roadworthiness certificate is now good until 2024.
Who would be the next lucky owner?

The R25/2 has been produced for only 3 years (1951-53) and sat between the R25 and R25/3. Its rated nominal power was 12HP/5,800rpm (relative to 12HP/5,600rpm for the R25) using a more powerful crankshaft and different seat springs compared to the R25. Today it is an all time classic airhead made to last thanks to its robust engineering and simple mechanical layout.

✎ Savas Kalfas, Managing Director, automotohistory.com

© • Photos courtesy of the autobeauty.xyz & Auto Business Review artistic galleries

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