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Alfetta GT

Alfetta GT

True Italian coupe...

One of Giugiaro’s finest designs

One of the most distinctive Italian coupes of all times, the 116 series Alfetta is a true grand tourer with an aggressive stance and an unmistakeable Italian identity.
Its beautiful figure is reminiscent of the characteristic lines of the 1970’s, with a low body posture and a wedge-like shape.
Alfa Romeo used a very complex and extremely costly transaxle configuration with de Dion rear suspension for superior handling and inboard discs for stronger braking. De Dion systems combine improved geometry with less unsprung weight, offering more balanced roadholding.
Thanks to such a sophisticated layout, the Alfetta’s road manners are impressive even by today’s standards. The driver gets a constant reassuring feeling that everything is under control, having a sense of each wheel’s exact position. The steering is heavy and precise so as to feel every inch of the road when cornering hard. Weight distribution maintains a fine 50-50% balance between front and rear -this helps the car work like a giant magnet, virtually sticking the Alfetta to the road and yielding a satisfying feeling even to the most demanding driver.
The all-aluminum DOHC engine is growling like an angry lion, with the characteristic Alfa melody filling the cabin and vibrating people’s hearts. This is music to my ears -a very good reason for not fitting a radio or switching on a media player.
This example has been kept in a garage for years hidden somewhere in Greece, with minimal signs of rust. The car went through full restoration by automotohistory (automotohistory.com) so as to bring back to life the original personality of the Alfetta GT.
A certificate of authenticity has already been obtained from Alfa Romeo thanks to the existence of the Museo Storico files. The documentation is available in print and electronic forms with the stamp of Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo.
✎ Savas Kalfas, Managing Director, automotohistory.com

First-series Alfetta GT is a neat-looking Italian coupe.

© • Photos courtesy of the Auto Business Review artistic gallery.

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