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  • Can I post a FREE ad?

    Yes, you can place 2 free (SIMPLE) ads if you are a private seller! Car dealers & traders can post up to 5 free (SIMPLE) ads.

  • Do I have to register in order to post an ad?

    Yes, you can post an ad by registration only.

  • Can I post more than 2 ads?

    Private sellers can buy the PREMIUM package and post 7 ads (2 FEATURED + 5 SIMPLE ads).

  • What is a FEATURED Ad?

    A FEATURED Ad appears in a special section of the FRONT PAGE and becomes more visible. FEATURED Ads also appear at the bottom of the SEARCH engine with an icon.

  • How much does a FEATURED Ad cost?

    A FEATURED Ad package comes for as little as 8€. It includes 2 ads in the FEATURED Ads section + another 5 SIMPLE ads.

  • For how long does an ad remain active?

    FREE and PREMIUM ads remain active until you delete them.

  • How can I post a FEATURED Ad?

    You can either choose to post a FEATURED Ad right from the beginning or upgrade your post anytime you choose (in order to upgrade, edit the ad and click the button "BUY PACKAGE" at the bottom of the page).

  • What is a Bump Ad?

    A BUMP Ad helps your post appear at the top of the ad listings.

  • How much does a BUMP Ad cost?

    A BUMP Ad comes for as little as 10€ and runs for a week! Your ad will be pushed to the top of the page until it expires. The ads will be bumping in cycles -that is, if a new ad is bumped up against yours, ad rotation is expected to occur twice during a given day. If dropped, your ad will keep on bumping up to the top until your plan expires.

  • Are there any packages for DEALERS and TRADERS?

    Yes, dealers and traders can select a BUSINESS package -see details in Main Menu> PACKAGES. Prices exclude VAT 24%.

  • Do ads require review and approval?

    Yes, all posts have to be approved by the administrator before they become visible.

  • Can sellers and buyers exchange messages?

    Yes, users can exchange messages and read them in their dashboards.

  • Is my e-mail visible to others?

    Each registered user has access to a personal dashboard after signing up or logging in. If you exchange messages via your dashboard, your e-mail remains invisible while you communicate with others. It will only be revealed if you decide to send it to those interested in your ad. Our system will never reveal or show your e-mail to others unless you include it in the ad's description or a message (which are not recommended).

  • What information can I include in the ad's TITLE?

    You may briefly include some details -like "Rare 1977 VW Scirocco for sale". Do not write your name, telephone or e-mail in the ad's TITLE.

  • Are my personal details safe?

    Your data are safely stored in our system only and shall not be disclosed to others. We only maintain your details for the operation of

  • Am I protected by a secure connection?

    We are using security protocols to protect your data and ensure secure transactions. Thanks to an encrypted connection, your information (like passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to our site.

  • Am I protected by a secure connection?

    Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to our site thanks to an encrypted connection. We are using security protocols to ensure the security of data. This is why our domain name starts with https://. For example, Chrome (Google's browser) identifies our site with a "green" lock as SECURE (you may find the SECURE "green" lock in Chrome's address bar).

Please read the following helpful points:

  1. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  2. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
  3. Do not post ads containing multiple items unless it's a package deal.
  4. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  5. Make sure your ad is accurate with a valid description.
  6. Do not post the same ad more than once or repost an ad within 48 hours.
  7. Try being always polite -even if a buyer becomes rude, suspicious or unreasonable!
  8. In case you want to report a fraud or a suspicious ad, please send an email to: