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…about Future Classics


Race Cars

A modern racing car might gain value in the future and become a classic!

Do your research!

Not every modern vehicle will become a future classic though...

Maintain a future classic!

A properly serviced vehicle retains a higher resale value!

We welcome motos & bicycles

If you feel that your moto or bicycle will write history, post an ad now!

Invest in a future classic!

It's worth putting some money into a good example.

Post a shiny vehicle!

Remember to wash your vehicle clean and shiny before posting an ad!

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Is your car a future classic?

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The Clubman: a future classic!

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How to spot a future classic?


It might be a sports automobile, a sedan or a pioneering technology car -like an EV or a self-driving vehicle!

  • Future classics... An endless discussion!
  • There is no strict rule of thumb...
  • A hidden instinct might give direction.
  • No exceptions, no restrictions...
  • Look for car reviews and prices.
  • Follow the advice of experts!
  • Some makes have a historic tradition!
  • Like the traditional value of M-B coupes...
  • ...or Japanese supercars -like the GT-R!
  • Therefore:
  • If you feel like having a special car,
  • your FREE ad under the FUTURE CLASSICS category!
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